VMware Support Assistant Appliance

 The new VMware "Support Assistant" open beta became available not long ago. This new OVA appliance seeks to simplify the support request (SR) process with VMware. I decided to create a post about my experience in the setup process as there was very little information on this new appliance. 

The VMware vCenter Support Assistant is deployed as a virtual appliance and Integrates with VMware vCenter Server as a plug‐in for either the new Web Client or the Classic vSphere Client. In addition to creating and modify existing support requests an authorized admin can upload diagnostic/performance information and system support logs from vCenter, and vSphere Hosts to VMware support. 
After installing the vSphere appliance, there were a couple items that I ran into when setting everything up. In order for you to upload system logs, make sure and use the FQDN of the vCenter server when using the vSphere client. If you normally just use the host name, then you will notice that the  "Support Assistant" doesn't fully pass the diagnostic tests. I also experienced that the "Support Asisstant" loads in the Web Client using Internet Explorer more consistently than using Google Chrome. This product is still in beta, but it works well and can be used in a production environment with no worries. I highly recommend giving this new product a try, it will make the support process go much smoother.