The Power of "V"

I was recently reading something about the power of the "V" formation that migratory geese do when flying. There is a certain magical and scientific process that these birds have when flying in a "V" formation that we all can learn from. This made me think about the "V" that is ubiquitous when it comes to the Virtualization industry. We see this letter everywhere now, we put it in our twitter, blog, and product names. The question is to ask ourselves, do we really live up to the power of the "V"? In order to understand if we do or not, we need to look at why migratory geese fly in the "V" formation. 

  1. Flying in a "V" formation adds a greater flying range.
  2. When the lead bird gets tired, they rotate back and another bird takes the lead. 
  3. When a bird becomes sick or injured and falls out of the "V" formation, at least two birds will stay with him to help and protect. They actually stay with him until he can fly again or until he is dead. 
This process has leadership, teamwork, and synergy qualities that I think we can all learn from. My hope for the Virtualization industry in 2013 is to institute the power of "V" in my life, and be a model for others.