QuadStor Review

As promised, here is my review of very promising software that has the potential to disrupt the SAN market. I say this, because #Quadstor supports #VAAI and it's free. They are still in beta and you do have to build your own appliance but this is far cheaper than buying a $50k appliance just to get VAAI support. 

They are adding features every month like.... Deduplication, Compression, unified management, clustering, vdisk cloning, vdisk replication and much more.... 

They hope to be out of beta sometime in May or June, but I have been testing the beta version 2.0.45 in VMware Workstation and it works great and the best part is that I get to test VAAI. I'm running it on #FreeBSD 8.2, but you can use Debian, Redhat, SLES and soon Ubuntu. 

I hope to do a part 2 to this post and do a physical install of QuadStor. I will have more details as to performance and my reaction.

Check them out at.... http://quadstor.com

 Here is a screenshot that shows VAAI (Hardware Acceleration Proof)

VAAI Proof