QuadStor - An Update

It’s been awhile since I did a post on QuadStor, a now open source storage virtualization product. Since my last post, several new features and changes have been made to this unique storage product. 

QuadStor is now free and under the GPL v2 licensing. This opens up access to the product and allows more flexibility for those that want to use this in your home lab as an example! http://www.quadstor.com/open-source.html

QuadStor has also created a Google group for support questions that is monitored and supported by QuadStor support. They also have a paid support model as well, if interested! 


 A couple notes that I found interesting. When installing Quadstor on a supported platform. (FreeBSD 8.2/9.0 release, RHEL/Centos 5.x/6.x, SLES 11 SP1/SP2, Debian squeeze 6.0x)

  • A resource recommendation is to add 2 GB of memory for every 1 TB of storage, or 4 VDisks, or 2 physical disks configured. Some of the reasoning behind this is that Quadstor assumes ownership of 80% of the total memory of the server. You have to keep this in mind, with regards to the base operating system requirements.
  • Storage pools are a new feature released in 3.0.5. Where different disks can be pooled together like a SSD pool for performance tiering!
  •  QuadStor does not do RAID management. If RAID is needed configure the RAID from the base system used.

I should also note, that I have tested QuadStor with PernixData in my virtual lab, where Pernix gave me the performance and QuadStor was my capacity and data service play!