Philanthropic Post: The Refugee Children

In light of the season of giving, I want to highlight an honorable non-profit helping local refugee children.

F.R.E.E. “Friends of Refugees providing Empowerment and Education”all got started by a friend of mine in Atlanta, GA.  She became aware of a refugee community near Atlanta, where refugee families were without the basic needs of life. Surprisingly it was the refugee (Burmese) children that didn’t have enough food, clothes to wear or even proper medical care.

The US government authorizes a certain amount of refugees to locate to assigned locations throughout the United States every year. This assistance provides them housing and basic needs for a short period of time. Once this time has elapsed they are on their own to provide for their families. This obviously doesn’t always go well, since this is a foreign land with language barriers.


The children are the ones that are affected the most, which is where F.R.E.E plays a big part. F.R.E.E. provides assistance for private education, so that they can receive more inclusive education and help with learning the English language. The vast majority of them don’t even have food for lunch or dinner, so F.R.E.E. also helps them get proper nourishment and arranges for medical care where needed.

You can learn much more on their website and also donate your time, money or resources to the cause. I would also be happy to introduce you to the co-founder if you would like more information.

‘’It is more blessed to give than to receive.’’ Acts 20:35