A Few of My Favorite Things - Currently (Part 3)

Disclaimer: I’m not part of or receive any compensation or rewards from any of the organizations that I write about. My blog is solely a personal passion and nothing more. 

I currently have the privilege of being part of the Vidyo Advisory Council, which allows me to give feedback and listen to the great plans and successes within Vidyo. This means a lot when you’re a user and a customer!

Vidyo is a disrupter within the video conferencing space. They tackle Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize, when it comes to a clean, robust and cost effective software based video solution. The differentiator is in their use of H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC)-based compression technology and their patented Adaptive Video Layering. This allows Vidyo to scale very easily, while providing less video jitter and packet loss during a conference. Here is a video demonstrating the difference between traditional H.264 systems and Vidyo's H.264 with SVC. 

The shift to software allows Vidyo to introduce video conferencing to different platforms faster and more efficiently. This speed has led to huge adoption rates and happy customers. You actually may already be a customer and don’t even know it. Vidyo is the technology that Google uses for Google Hangouts and Nintendo uses for the Wii platform

In my opinion what really brings Vidyo into the mantra of this blogs theme is their use of Virtualization and Cloud technology. Vidyo is a strong partner with VMware and has recently showed some awesomeness at VMworld and PEX. In the next few months they are also introducing an all Vidyo hosted cloud solution for those that want to get their feet wet and try out Vidyo’s technology.


If you are looking for ways to cut down on travel and cost and implement a video conferencing solution within your organization, I highly recommend you look at Vidyo.