Pernixdata – 5 Points of Differentiation

Since Pernixdata recently came out of stealth with their Flash Virtualization Platform, I thought it would be good to do a short breakdown of what makes Pernixdata so special and different from anything else in the industry.

1)   NO VSA – The Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) from Pernixdata does not need or rely on any virtual appliance. It’s truly a Hypervisor based product that doesn’t have to deal with the latency of an appliance.

 2)   NO OS/Guest Agents – There is also no need to install any operating system or guest agent. Pernixdata is invisible to any workload. The operating system or application only sees increased performance and lower latency!

3)   Not Just Read  – Pernixdata is not like traditional caching solutions where the only performance gain is from read operations. The FVP can also leverage performance gains in write operations as well. (Think tiering instead of caching.)

 4)   No Proprietary Flash – Pernixdata does not need or require proprietary SSD devices or PCIe based flash solutions. The FVP can use any type of flash based device that is available.

 5)   No Single Point of Failure – Pernixdata is the first to build a truly scale out platform that can transparently leverage existing clusters and use local or remote server-side flash devices. This architecture is designed for read and write acceleration on local or remote hosts.

 As you can see these five “No’s” make Pernixdata different and revolutionary. Organizations can now say “Yes” to a platform that answers their perspective issues with performance without sacrificing on features and redundancy.