PernixData - Validation

The past few weeks have been exciting for the new prized startup PernixData. A little over two weeks ago Frank Denneman decided to make a transition from VMware to PernixData! Then today, PernixData is endorsed for another round of financing, this time from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

This all points to a validation that PernixData is doing something different and is about to disrupt the storage market in a major way. PernixData is the only company that truly decouples your storage performance from capacity. This decoupling innovation is in their FVP (Flash Virtualization Platform) a downloadable software product. The ROI is immediately realized after a short 5 minute install, with no disruption of the current infrastructure. If you are not already a beta customer, then I highly recommend and try out this new revolutionary product

If you have further questions and would like to meet some of the visionaries, check out their new "Meet Us" page, listing events where they will be showcasing at!

Stay tuned as there will be more exciting announcements forthcoming!!