It's true... I joined PernixData

If you haven’t already guessed, I now proudly work for PernixData. The past several months I have been an Alpha and Beta tester for PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform. I fell in love with the product early in my testing and soon realized that the co-founders had solved a critical storage pain point that many virtualization admins have struggled with. This inspired me to contribute my part to this grand endeavor! There is of course always a great story behind changes, but I will leave that for another day! 

I truly believe that PernixData is a paradigm shift in virtualized datacenter design. Having a new “data-in-motion” storage tier that scales is nothing more than revolutionary. I believe the market now has a complete scalable virtualization solution for CPU, Memory and now Storage performance. 

If you would like to learn more about PernixData, feel free to contact me. I’m currently residing in Atlanta, GA. as a Systems Engineer for PernixData.

If you also feel the passion burn for PernixData and its vision to transform the storage market, check out our growing list of open positions!