VeeamON Reflections

Veeam just finished their first dedicated technology conference (VeeamON) in Vegas! I had the privilege to be present and witness this inaugural event! I must say not only was I impressed with this being Veeam's first showcase of orchestrating a large tech event, but in my opinion it was one of the best organized tech events I have attended. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) VeeamON mobile app that actually was used and useful! I noticed it was developed by DoubleDutch, who specialize in event app development. Kudos to the team that worked on the design. I should also say that despite it being a tech event, the Wifi in the Cosmo actually stayed up and worked well for me. Congrats to Rasmus Haslund for winning the Game!! 

2) The registration and expo hall were nicely done and laid out. The catered food was not bad as well, as sometimes the quality of food can be lacking at large events. 

3) Luca and I presented "Server-Side Storage Intelligence with PernixData & Veeam". We talked about how offloading I/O using PernixData can alleviate storage performance problems that sometimes exhibit during a backup window. All sessions were video recorded for prosperity. I appreciate the attention to detail with the breakout sessions and the hospitality given to me and PernixData for being a sponsor! 

4) VeeamON party, what can I say Veeam is known for throwing a killer party!

5) The only constructive feedback that I would give was on Tuesdays keynote. It was little long and could have used some more demo time and less customer profile reviews, other than that, it was a great keynote in my opinion. 

Rasmus Haslund put together a nice daily diary of his activites during the conference.
Check it out: