2015 Goal: I'm going to be a Navy Seal

Over the holidays I spent several hours reading! One book that I thoroughly enjoyed was “The Way of the SEAL” by Mark Divine. I found the text very applicable for my vocation and good instruction for mental toughness to succeed in any personal or team endeavor.

As you know the U.S. Navy Seals are an elite group that only the select few have the privilege to serve. I seriously doubt I have the physical abilities to ever be part of the Navy Seals in my lifetime. :) However it’s my goal for 2015 to think like a Navy Seal and that’s exactly what Mark Divine (former Navy Seal) will help you achieve. If you can think and process like a Navy Seal, then it will help you be a better leader and also help one overcome difficulties that can be distracting at multiple levels.  

This is not your typical leadership book. You will find that Mark’s focus is on the character of leadership instead of developing a skill to be a better leader.

“If you lack an underlying commitment to self-mastery and growth, even the best theory won’t help yourself or a team to success.”

In other words a balanced heart and mind need to be in sync to achieve the integrity of greatness! The steps to achieve this are wonderfully illustrated and I can almost guarantee that you will be enlightened through the focus and execution of the process. 

Unless you are already a Navy Seal, I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a difference in yourself and/or team!!

Happy New Year!!