FVP Tip: Change Storage Device Display Name

As you might know, you have the ability to change a storage device display name on a particular ESXi host. This can be useful when you have several different devices installed on a given host and/or have different raid controllers backing the devices.

When you are wanting to test several different flash device models with different controllers and configurations with PernixData FVP, then it might become difficult to remember which identifier is which device. 

It's my reccomendation that you add the name of the controller as an extension to a friendlier device name. This way you can monitor performance by SSD with assigned controller.  An example could be: “Intel 520 – H310” The SSD model is represented and the controller is identified as a H310 for a Dell host.



vSphere Web Client Steps:

  1. Browse to the host in the vSphere Web Client navigator. Click the Manage tab and click Storage.
  2. Select the device to rename and click Rename. 
  3. Change the device name to a name that reflects your needs.


Now that you have renamed your flash device then you will see the changed device names show up in the FVP Plugin UI.