A New Focus

It might be a surprise to some that I decided to discontinue my Cloudjock blog in name and design only. This change has been something on my mind for some time now. A new year and new goals propelled me to refocus my community engine to be more direct and frequent. The first task was to focus more on my own brand "Todd Mace". I have found it difficult at times to remember a blog name and/or the contributor/author behind it. This seems to create a disconnect between the blog and the real person behind it. I'm not saying that having a blog name different than your real name is a bad thing, for me it just makes it more personal and hopefully will help build my brand in the community more. 

"That's been one of my mantras - focus, and simplicity..."  Steve Jobs

.io doesn't mean I'm from the British Indian Ocean Territory! :) It was just a clever way to illustrate my intensions around the content featured! You will find going forward more focused posts on PernixData FVP, including many other passions of mine! It is my goal to grease your cerebral i/o for further discernment on this new platform! :) With this I invite you to reach out and give me feedback as we grow together. This will only further the enrichment of the community I believe! 

I will start forwarding cloudjock.com to this new site, but in the meantime, please spread the word about this new site. Thanks.