Nashville VMUG Experience


Yesterday, I spent the day at the Nashville VMUG Converge event. I have to say that I been to a lot VMUG’s over the years and all have their strengths and weaknesses, but in IMHO the leadership team in Nashville have a model VMUG organization, that depicts forward thinking and focus.

This particular event wasn’t your typical user conference. It was a more focused event that the Nashville VMUG group organizes ever year. With close to 150 attendees, it’s not user conference size but also no small event either. I talked to some that drove over 4 hours to be part of the day activities!!

This year what really caught my attention was the pilot program the VMUG leadership team put together around educating the community. They invited ITT Technical Institute students & staff to attend and learn about virtualization. We ended up having over 20 students show up just to experience what a VMUG was all about and learn more about virtualization and the ecosystem that surrounds it. The plan is to expand this to other technical colleges and organizations and maybe even setup a mentoring program. This to me is one example of what the VMUG should be all about. I believe we all learn more when we mentor others and interact; it’s not all about who knows the most or who is the most popular speaker at today’s event. If you ask me, it’s about sharing with each other and becoming better at what do each day, no matter who we are.

Great organization and great event!! Thanks for the hospitality yesterday!! Oh, the food was good too!! Who doesn’t like an Ice Cream Sundae in the afternoon!!! :)