My Role Transition

On May 1st, I started a new role in my career path at PernixData. It is with great delight that I’m now a Product Manager within the Product Management group. I look forward to working closely with Bala Narasimhan VP of Product Management. He and I have worked together on many other projects since the early alpha stages of FVP. So, in some ways this transition will feel like the early days!

With that said, I will be running many different projects in my new role. A renewed energy around blogging and staying close to the community is at utmost importance for me. In addition I will be helping with product collateral, documentation, roadmap items, and much more. It’s with this that I thank the wonderful teams and individuals that I have had the privilege to work with! Becoming the 1st customer to Product Manager is something that I could have only dreamed of.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me anytime, as part of my focus is to stay connected to a relevancy in the field, as this can only help any product-focused endeavors!

On a side note, I also thought it was very ironic that on May 1st, my father officially retired. He has been a minister and marriage and family therapist for many years. The timing couldn’t have been predicted, so I humbly congratulate him on his promotion to retirement and thank him for the many years of taking care of his family!