My Nutanix .NEXT 2017 Session

For those that have the privilege of attending the Nutanix .NEXT 2017 conference this week, I would like to cordially invite you to my session titled: “When AWS IS Not Forever” this Thursday at 11:35 am. (Cherry Blossom) #AW204

I have the pleasure of presenting along with Paul Harb, Sr. Director of Nutanix Consulting Services. We will be outlining AWS use cases and exposures when making those critical decisions around workload placement. Then we will demonstrate current tools and services available to transition workloads back to your on-prem datacenter when it makes sense. This session is jam-packed, as we will have two demos, a customer validation and something new to showcase!

If you are unable to attend .NEXT this year, make sure and at least signup to hear the keynotes live. There are some big announcements this year!

Session Summary:
“As organizations embrace public cloud services, it is critical to maintain the portability of applications and data, which includes the freedom to bring applications back from the public cloud. In this cloud strategy session, we will examine the pertinent technical and business criteria you should take into account when migrating workloads between AWS® and private cloud environments. You’ll also hear about real-world projects where application owners have successfully made the transition back from public clouds. Attendees will walk away with a full understanding of the cloud decision making process, and a project check list for when it’s time to migrate workloads back from AWS®.”

Microsoft Ignite 2016 Experience

Last week I attended Microsoft Ignite 2016 here in Atlanta. It was nice to have this event in my own back yard as its always a bonus to sleep in your own bed at night!  This was the first Microsoft Ignite/TechEd I’ve been to in a while and here are a couple things that I found motivating… 

Here come the Women!!

I have never seen so many women in attendance at a IT convention, not saying I have been to all of them, but I was encouraged to see so many women participating and attending infrastructure, virtualization, and cloud native sessions. Yes, we still had long restroom lines, but it was clear we weren’t alone. I don’t know the percentages, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that at least 10% of the attendees were women! I find this extremely encouraging as this industry definitely needs a better balance! 

The new Microsoft – 

With 23k plus at Ignite, it was noticeable that the new Microsoft (under Satya Nadella) has some new faces under the cloud native umbrella. It was also evident that a lot of the old faces of Microsoft’s yester-year were present. Microsoft knows that it has a lot to do to convince and educate those that are resistant or reluctant to change. For example, there were a few sessions that were geared to organizational change and digital transformation to the cloud. Not only were the sessions introductory, but educational in hopes to ease fears of the public cloud.  

Since Microsoft has such a wide base of traditional applications and is deeply engrained into on-premises infrastructures, this obviously creates a unique challenge but also provides an opportunity for Microsoft in the new era of cloud. 

Introducing the opportunity: Azure Stack. I believe Azure Stack has the potential to not only put Microsoft on top of cloud revenues but change the competitive direction of AWS and GCP. However, with a longer than planned delays and/or technical missteps Microsoft could leave enough room and time for competitive challengers to enter this new product category. 

Stay tuned for my next post on the Azure Stack architecture, and why I think this new product could accelerate the move to cloud native applications. There are some exciting and noteworthy architectural features that I think will surprise you!  

Great job Microsoft on a well organized event this year? I'm looking forward to attending next year in Orlando, FL. 

New Book Released

I’m proud to announce that I am a co-author on a new book just released. It’s available now for download and later via print edition. Frank Denneman announced on his blog the official release, as he was the main organizer and author for this project. This is not only my first published book, but also a first as a main co-author. It was indeed exciting and challenging at the same time. I can now at some level appreciate those that have tackled such a feat, as it wasn’t the easiest thing I have ever done! :) 

Being a 300-page book that talks about the many architectural decisions when designing for storage performance, is not something for the faint of heart. The focus and desire was to articulate a deeper technical understanding of the software layers that intersect and interact with the differing hardware designs.

I would like to thank Frank for giving me the opportunity to work with him on this project. It was truly a delight and a rewarding experience!

You can directly download the book here. Enjoy!

Nashville VMUG Experience


Yesterday, I spent the day at the Nashville VMUG Converge event. I have to say that I been to a lot VMUG’s over the years and all have their strengths and weaknesses, but in IMHO the leadership team in Nashville have a model VMUG organization, that depicts forward thinking and focus.

This particular event wasn’t your typical user conference. It was a more focused event that the Nashville VMUG group organizes ever year. With close to 150 attendees, it’s not user conference size but also no small event either. I talked to some that drove over 4 hours to be part of the day activities!!

This year what really caught my attention was the pilot program the VMUG leadership team put together around educating the community. They invited ITT Technical Institute students & staff to attend and learn about virtualization. We ended up having over 20 students show up just to experience what a VMUG was all about and learn more about virtualization and the ecosystem that surrounds it. The plan is to expand this to other technical colleges and organizations and maybe even setup a mentoring program. This to me is one example of what the VMUG should be all about. I believe we all learn more when we mentor others and interact; it’s not all about who knows the most or who is the most popular speaker at today’s event. If you ask me, it’s about sharing with each other and becoming better at what do each day, no matter who we are.

Great organization and great event!! Thanks for the hospitality yesterday!! Oh, the food was good too!! Who doesn’t like an Ice Cream Sundae in the afternoon!!! :) 



VeeamON Reflections

Veeam just finished their first dedicated technology conference (VeeamON) in Vegas! I had the privilege to be present and witness this inaugural event! I must say not only was I impressed with this being Veeam's first showcase of orchestrating a large tech event, but in my opinion it was one of the best organized tech events I have attended. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) VeeamON mobile app that actually was used and useful! I noticed it was developed by DoubleDutch, who specialize in event app development. Kudos to the team that worked on the design. I should also say that despite it being a tech event, the Wifi in the Cosmo actually stayed up and worked well for me. Congrats to Rasmus Haslund for winning the Game!! 

2) The registration and expo hall were nicely done and laid out. The catered food was not bad as well, as sometimes the quality of food can be lacking at large events. 

3) Luca and I presented "Server-Side Storage Intelligence with PernixData & Veeam". We talked about how offloading I/O using PernixData can alleviate storage performance problems that sometimes exhibit during a backup window. All sessions were video recorded for prosperity. I appreciate the attention to detail with the breakout sessions and the hospitality given to me and PernixData for being a sponsor! 

4) VeeamON party, what can I say Veeam is known for throwing a killer party!

5) The only constructive feedback that I would give was on Tuesdays keynote. It was little long and could have used some more demo time and less customer profile reviews, other than that, it was a great keynote in my opinion. 

Rasmus Haslund put together a nice daily diary of his activites during the conference.
Check it out:


Atlanta VMUG Conference

On September 25th, the 2014 Atlanta VMUG User Conference will be here!! Make sure and register soon as this year is shaping up to be one the biggest and best in recent years!! 

A couple highlights you don't want to miss:

During the morning registration from 7:30 am - 8:30 am, Frank Denneman and I will be handing out the new vSphere Pocketbook 2.0 Blog Edition. We have limited quantity, so come early and get your FREE copy signed by Frank and myself.

Frank Denneman will also drop some knowledge from 2:00 - 2:40 pm - "Re-Thinking Storage Performance by Virtualizing Flash and RAM" 

Stop also by table #53 in the Exhibit Hall to meet the rest of our prestigious PernixData team!! We will have prizes and awesome give aways! 







Chattanooga VMUG Restarted

I'm happy to report that the Chattanooga VMUG group has a planned event on August 19th from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. It's been around 2 years since this group has had an event, so I was excited to work with Jim Wrenn & Curtis Gunderson to organize a new event for the Chattanooga chapter. 

PernixData and Veristor have agreed to co-sponsor the event!  

No registration is required, so if you are in the area come help support the Chattanooga VMUG. Food and Drink will be provided. 

Speaker: Todd Mace

Title: Server-Side Storage Intelligence


Unum Conference Room (downtown Chattanooga)
1 Fountain Square, (500 Walnut St.) East Building Presentation Room 151
Chattanooga, TN 37402



VMworld 2014 Must See Sessions

There are already a few good posts on VMworld 2014 sessions to attend. Those that have the full conference pass or VMUG Advantage can always view the sessions at a later date, but I always like to attend a few live sessions for the interaction. This is my current list of must see VMworld 2014 sessions!


Listen to Andy Daniel speak his wisdom on PernixData FVP!

Come hear Michael and Harold reveal their secrets on building a world class design!

STO3008-SPO - Decoupled Storage: Practical Examples of Leveraging Server Flash in a Virtualized Datacenter 
An absolute must see session from two masters in their own right! 

NET1401 - vSphere Distributed Switch Best Practices for NSX
I think this will be a good discussion on getting started with NSX from a design perspective.


Philanthropic Post: The Refugee Children

In light of the season of giving, I want to highlight an honorable non-profit helping local refugee children.

F.R.E.E. “Friends of Refugees providing Empowerment and Education”all got started by a friend of mine in Atlanta, GA.  She became aware of a refugee community near Atlanta, where refugee families were without the basic needs of life. Surprisingly it was the refugee (Burmese) children that didn’t have enough food, clothes to wear or even proper medical care.

The US government authorizes a certain amount of refugees to locate to assigned locations throughout the United States every year. This assistance provides them housing and basic needs for a short period of time. Once this time has elapsed they are on their own to provide for their families. This obviously doesn’t always go well, since this is a foreign land with language barriers.


The children are the ones that are affected the most, which is where F.R.E.E plays a big part. F.R.E.E. provides assistance for private education, so that they can receive more inclusive education and help with learning the English language. The vast majority of them don’t even have food for lunch or dinner, so F.R.E.E. also helps them get proper nourishment and arranges for medical care where needed.

You can learn much more on their website and also donate your time, money or resources to the cause. I would also be happy to introduce you to the co-founder if you would like more information.

‘’It is more blessed to give than to receive.’’ Acts 20:35

vBrownBag Tech Talks @VMworld 2013

VMworld 2013 is right around the corner and the vBrownBag crew is planning for another year of Tech Talks. This year I have the privilege of participating in one them along with a couple of my fellow PernixData colleagues. Pencil these into your VMworld schedule to attend!! 

Location: VMworld hang space near the blogger tables


Wednesday @ 3:45
Speaker: Chethan Kumar
Topic: Impact of Data Acceleration Tier on I/O Performance

Tuesday @ 3:15
Speaker: Kaustubh Patil
Topic: Hypervisors and server-side flash

Wednesday @ 12:45
Speaker: Todd Mace
Topic: Why Server-Side Flash Technology is so Disruptive

Carolina VMware User Summit 2013

This coming Thursday the 2013 Carolina VMUG begins. This year will include a ton of great sessions and speakers. There will be a Expert Panel talking about the future of Virtualization; this panel will include William Lam, Scott Lowe, Chris Colotti and Chad Sakac. Check out the Schedule! 

There are also two sessions that I'm partial too that I want to highlight.

Education Session

Time: 10:15-11:00 am
Title: "The New Scale-Out Data Tier - A Storage Platform Paradigm Shift" (PernixData)
Speaker: Todd Mace 
Room: 217 A 

eGroup Lab Session

Time: 1:00-1:45 pm
Title: Free Style Session- Flashtastic – PernixData FVP Demo
Speakers: John Flisher & Todd Mace
Room: 211 AB 

It's never to late to register and come see some awesome IOP presentations!! 

PernixData - Validation

The past few weeks have been exciting for the new prized startup PernixData. A little over two weeks ago Frank Denneman decided to make a transition from VMware to PernixData! Then today, PernixData is endorsed for another round of financing, this time from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

This all points to a validation that PernixData is doing something different and is about to disrupt the storage market in a major way. PernixData is the only company that truly decouples your storage performance from capacity. This decoupling innovation is in their FVP (Flash Virtualization Platform) a downloadable software product. The ROI is immediately realized after a short 5 minute install, with no disruption of the current infrastructure. If you are not already a beta customer, then I highly recommend and try out this new revolutionary product

If you have further questions and would like to meet some of the visionaries, check out their new "Meet Us" page, listing events where they will be showcasing at!

Stay tuned as there will be more exciting announcements forthcoming!!