Microsoft's V-Tax

Yes, that's right, after Microsoft called VMware's licensing a V-Tax. Microsoft has decided to follow VMware in licensing their Windows Server 2012 for Hyper-V similar to VMware's model. Now both VMware and Microsoft license their Hypervisors per processor. Now, I know to be completly fair, Microsoft doesn't have a memory entitlement like VMware does, but most users will never reach the memory limitations per processor that have been outlined by VMware.

Basically if you want to have more than 10 VM's running on Hyper-V, you will need the the new Datacenter Edition, which is licensed per processor and gives you unlimited VM's. If you are running under 10 VM's, then it's probably cheaper to purchase the standard edition that gives you 2 VM's per processor. This means most enterprise customers will need to purchase the datacenter edition which retails for a whopping $4809.00 plus you need to purchase any needed CALS.

This is really smart on Microsoft's part, because if you are a current VMware customer then it now costs a lot more to run VMware, if you are going to use Microsoft Server 2012 VM's. On the other end of spectrum, it's not really smart for Microsoft when considering their customers, because it now cost more to run Windows on vSphere.

So, in summary if you have a dual processor physical server and you purchase VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus at $4543.50 x2 and then want to have Microsoft Server 2012 with at least two VM's, you will need to fork out $4809.00 x 2 for datacenter edition to be properly licensed.

Total Retail cost: $27,720.00

As you can see this can get very expensive and really isn't good for Microsoft or VMware in the long run, because the customer is the one caught in the middle of this battle.

What say you...???

Download Microsoft's Server 2012 License Datasheet