My Nutanix .NEXT 2017 Session

For those that have the privilege of attending the Nutanix .NEXT 2017 conference this week, I would like to cordially invite you to my session titled: “When AWS IS Not Forever” this Thursday at 11:35 am. (Cherry Blossom) #AW204

I have the pleasure of presenting along with Paul Harb, Sr. Director of Nutanix Consulting Services. We will be outlining AWS use cases and exposures when making those critical decisions around workload placement. Then we will demonstrate current tools and services available to transition workloads back to your on-prem datacenter when it makes sense. This session is jam-packed, as we will have two demos, a customer validation and something new to showcase!

If you are unable to attend .NEXT this year, make sure and at least signup to hear the keynotes live. There are some big announcements this year!

Session Summary:
“As organizations embrace public cloud services, it is critical to maintain the portability of applications and data, which includes the freedom to bring applications back from the public cloud. In this cloud strategy session, we will examine the pertinent technical and business criteria you should take into account when migrating workloads between AWS® and private cloud environments. You’ll also hear about real-world projects where application owners have successfully made the transition back from public clouds. Attendees will walk away with a full understanding of the cloud decision making process, and a project check list for when it’s time to migrate workloads back from AWS®.”

My Next Journey

After reflecting on my career path over the last couple of years, I have come to a decision point where it’s important for me to exercise my passion to it’s fullest potential. Yes, this does involve a job change. I’m happy to announce that I am joining the Nutanix field team as a Sr. Systems Engineer in Atlanta. 

This decision really came down to recognizing the importance of humanizing solutions and technology where a positive impact can be realized. If one humanizes a product or service, it can break down barriers and allow a solution to become more relatable. This to me means being on the front lines where you hear and see first hand how technologies can have a true positive impact. So, job title, status, salary, how many twitter followers one has etc.… are not really at the top of the list of importance. Yes, they are all nice to have, but if you are passionate about making a difference then all that stuff really comes by default. 

Nutanix is a company that has some of best and brightest minds delivering a true cloud experience to enterprises. The level of innovation around what it means to have an enterprise cloud and how this brings a hybrid approach to being a positive technology steward for your business is extremely important in my book. I also strongly believe in the importance of dynamic design and creative ascetics where simplicity provides a template for what matters to the business. This is a pillar that Nutanix started on and has carried throughout its cycles of innovations, and as some in the industry can attest to isn’t an easy thing to do.

I am also inspired with the Nutanix mantra of staying “Hungry, Humble, and Honest.” The phrase embodies values that I look forward to exemplifying.  I also look forward to working with some of my old PernixData friends and making some new ones along the way. 

I plan to keep this blog updated with useful nuggets and updates as I move forward in my role.